DIY Ornament Spell Jar Kit

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DIY Hanging Spell Jar Kit


  • Two Mini glass jars
  • Cork top connected with a loop for hanging
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Candle
  • Gold leaf
  • White Sage or Palo Santo Incense cone
  • Organic Australian White Sage leaf
  • Twine
  • Dried flowers or herbs
  • Crystal chips
  • Wooden scoop 


  • Cleanse your glass jar with incense smoke.
  • Start filling the jar with heavier items on the bottom.
  • Add lighter items to middle and top.
  • Make sure to express your intentions while completing these tasks.
  • Push the cork inside the bottle firmly.
  • Light your candle and focus on your intentions again while pouring wax over the cork.
  • Once dry, you may now hang it on your Christmas tree or Altar.
  • Keep both or give one to your bestie.

Packaged in biodegradable cellophane bag inside an organza bag and with a plantable oregano seed paper tag.

Salt, flowers and herbs are not for consumption. Use care when handling a flame with incense and using a candle. Not safe for children. 

For sale only in Australia. (Oregano seed paper tag not available for WA).


    • Benefits of burning sage include removing bacteria from the air, repel insects, reducing stress and anxiety improving the mood, purifying the home or objects and getting rid of negative or stale energy.
    • Hibiscus is the flower of passion, love, divination and a powerful aphrodisiac.
    • Lavender promotes calm and wellness, reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
    • Chamomile promotes calm, inner peace, spiritual awareness, purification and protection.
    • Calendula symbol for sunshine and wealth. Used to promote success in business, health and manifesting wealth.
    • Amethyst connects you to your higher self and your crown chakra. Enhances intuition, relieves stress and negativity.
    • Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, it enhances positive energy, psychic abilities and the properties of other crystals. It brings harmony to all chakras and promotes balance. It will bring clarity and enhance the ability to manifest and perform at a high potential. 
    • Rose Quartz the stone for universal love and the heart chakra. Promotes emotional healing and attracts high vibrational love energy.
    • Moonstone is the stone for strength and inner growth. Promotes emotional stability and calmness, also enhances creativity, intuition and success with love and business matters. 
    • Angel Aura Quartz has the properties of clear quartz and operates at a higher vibration which provides a protection shield to the aura. It provides a healing effect on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels.
    • Blue Lace Agate increases mental capacity with concentration and analytical thinking. Associated with the throat chakra. It is a calming crystal instilling safety and release of stress and anger.
    • Carnelian enhances sexual energy, restores vitality and motivation for success. Promotes positive life choices and can be used to overcome abuse.
    • Citrine radiates positive and energetic light. Is used to attract wealth, joy and abundance.

Customer Reviews

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Stacey Kelk
Beautiful little spell jars

I received mine as a gift and im absolutely inlovd with it, they are the cutest little packs I have ever seen. My sons loved making them and reading the instructions that come on the back of one of her beautiful cards that I will be getting framed. Absolutely gorgeous for a gift or yourself. Stunning work A+++