DIY Beeswax Candle Spell Jar Kit

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DIY Spell Jar & Beeswax Candle Kit.

Specially curated to release any stale energy to welcome in positive, intuitive energy to assist you to manifest your wishes!

Kits include a variety of the following mystical ingredients. Spiritual and healing properties:

    • Benefits of burning sage include removing bacteria from the air, repel insects, reducing stress and anxiety improving the mood, purifying the home or objects and getting rid of negative or stale energy.
    • Lavender promotes calm and wellness, reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression.
    • Calendula symbol for sunshine and wealth. Used to promote success in business, health and manifesting wealth.
    • Clear Quartz is known as the Master Healer, it enhances positive energy, psychic abilities and the properties of other crystals. It brings harmony to all chakras and promotes balance. It will bring clarity and enhance the ability to manifest and perform at a high potential. 
    • Labradorite is a crystal that will assist with psychic abilities and intuition. It can bring spiritual knowledge and guidance from the universe. Will help to let go of the old and in with the new.
    • Himalayan Pink Salt used for cleansing, purification and relaxation. It embodies celestial, Earth and ocean energies.
    • Palo Santo (cones) is ethically harvested from a tree in South America. It is part of the citrus family with notes of pine, lemon and mint. Use for cleansing space and introducing positive feminine energy.
    • Carnelian enhances sexual energy, restores vitality and motivation for success. Promotes positive life choices and can be used to overcome abuse.
    • Moonstone is the stone for strength and inner growth. Promotes emotional stability and calmness, also enhances creativity, intuition and success with love and business matters.
    • Angel Aura Quartz has the properties of clear quartz and operates at a higher vibration which provides a protection shield to the aura. It provides a healing effect on spiritual, physical, mental and emotional levels.
    • Blue Lace Agate increases mental capacity with concentration and analytical thinking. Associated with the throat chakra. It is a calming crystal instilling safety and release of stress and anger.

Also includes:

  • Two glass jars
  • Cork top connected with a loop for hanging
  • Gold leaf
  • Twine
  • Wooden scoop 
  • Handrolled Beeswax Candles


  • Cleanse your glass jar with incense smoke.
  • Start filling the jar with heavier items on the bottom.
  • Add lighter items to middle and top.
  • Make sure to express your intentions while completing these tasks.
  • Push the cork inside the bottle firmly.
  • Light your candle and focus on your intentions again while pouring wax over the cork.
  • Once dry, you may now hang it on your Christmas tree or Altar.
  • Keep both or give one to your bestie.

    Packaged in biodegradable cellophane bag, organza bag and compostable kraft window bag.

    Salt, flowers and herbs are not for consumption. Use care when handling a flame with incense and using a candle. Not safe for children. 

    Benefits of Sage Smudging: 

    White sage is known to have antimicrobial properties meaning it can repel bacteria, virus, fungis and also insects. It is used to purify the home and crystals. White sage is thought to release negative ions which can neutralise positive ions which include allergens and irritants such as pet dander, pollution, dust and mould.

    It is used to enhance intuition, boost mood & cognition, relieve stress & insomnia and clear negative energies. In addition to cleansing your home it can be used to cleanse objects such as crystals or any other items that need to be rid of any negative energy. 

    White sage has a lovely incense aroma and can be used for odour control and air freshener. 

    Not recommended to directly inhale as smoke can aggravate respiratory disorders. Open windows during use and wait until the smoke clears before entering the room.

      How to do it:

      • Open a window (important for the smoke to escape and take negative energies with it).
      • Remove pets and people from the room.
      • Light the sage bundle and blow out the flame, the leaves should be burning slowly with a thick smoke.
      • Direct the smoke around your crystals or spell jar for purification.
      • Focus on your intentions while cleansing.
      • When finished make sure the sage is fully extinguished then store in a safe dry place. 
      • Sage smudging is a fire hazard so please make sure you take precaution at all times.

      Duo of Natural Beeswax Hand Rolled Candles.

      Natural Beeswax scent. Beeswax candles release negative ions in the air, these bind with toxins and cleanse the air. Candles are 9-10 cm long and 1.5 cm in diameter. Approximate burn time is one hour. 

      As with all handmade products allow for small imperfections. Candles are made from Beeswax sheets and candle wicks.


      Failure to follow instructions could result in fire, hazard or injury. Never leave a burning candle unattended. never move a lit candle. Always keep out of reach of children and pets. Ensure candle is on a stable and heat resistant surface. Avoid exposure to drafts. Always store candle in a cool dry place below 25°C and away from direct sunlight. Made in Australia.

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